Pictures and Favorite Things


A special thanks to my friend and fellow yogi, Emma Kury, for taking our family photos.

A few of my favorite things right now:

Audrey Assad’s album Inheritance. She does magical things with your household hymns like Holy, Holy, Holy and Be Thou My Vision, as well as other oldies but goodies. Her voice is angelic, her piano playing pure, and the album has an overall ethereal feel. I’ve listened to this album on repeat in the car for the past month, so much that it’s been woven into the fabric of my life. When I hear this music in the future, I will remember this season of my life, when Sayla was two years old, driving to Sulphur Springs twice a week for CBS, the cows and fog laying low on the hillsides, blaring these heavenly hymns, ushered into the very presence of God. I love it when music attaches to your life in this way.

These Coconut Oil Blueberry Scones. I’ve made these nearly every weekend for the past month. Who knew rosemary and blueberry were a match made in heaven? Indeed. Make these for your family this Christmas, invite a friend over for tea and scones, or bake them for you and you alone and share with no one. Either way, you won’t regret it.

My new favorite chai tea. This blend is spicy and peppery and everything I want in a chai. I love a good chai latte, all sweet and creamy, but this tea is so spicy and full-bodied I can drink it black. So if you’re on the hunt for a chai tea with some kick, this is it.

This Naturally Loveable essential oil blend. It smells so pretty. Add a few drops to a hot bath with some epsom salt. Maybe a candle and some hot (chai) tea to go with it. And maybe one of those scones too…

Lastly, Spotify. Yes, I know this has been around for almost 10 years. I was content with Pandora and iTunes until I was at my Holy Yoga training in Arizona last month and my fellow yogis there raved about Spotify and how easy and great it is. They’re right. So easy for making playlists and finding new artists.



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