Oh, California. You were good to us with your mild weather and pretty beaches.


We recenlty spent a few days in Southern California for one of my dear friend’s wedding. The whole trip was amazing, wedding included, and the funny thing is, I barely planned a thing.

We stayed at our first Airbnb while we toured around Orange County for a couple of days. We spent both days visiting beaches and eating at some great vegetarian restaurants. I learned my lesson from Washington—I didn’t try and keep Sayla on her nap schedule. Instead she just slept in the car as we drove around. And a few nights she passed out before getting back to our place and we made the transfer from carseat to crib without her waking—amazing! That’s a first for us.

The second half of our trip was spent in San Bernadino/Redlands for the wedding, which could have been featured in a magazine. I’m so happy for my sweet friend and loved celebrating every minute with her, and Sayla was adorable dancing at the wedding.

The great thing about traveling to a new place is there’s not much room for expectations to get in the way. I didn’t know what to expect with California other than it might be difficult traveling with Sayla, and the only things I planned were the basics—flight, hotel, and rental car. It turned out that everything in Orange County, from the airport to Airbnb to beaches, was all within 10 to 15 minutes of each other with no traffic or highways to navigate. And the time spent with friends—both with the wedding festivities and with an old friend of Erik’s that we met up with—felt familiar and refreshing. We were only there for three full days, plus two half days, but our time there seemed so full and stretched out, brimming over with goodness. A blessing from the Lord.



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